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01 Jun 2017
Mountain View

What Makes A Good California Drug Rehabilitation Center?

About 45% of all Emergency Room visits are drug related. In fact, substance abuse claims more lives than either vehicular accidents or firearms. The drug menace that plagues America is difficult to ignore.

Drugs are the leading causes of avoidable deaths in developed countries.

Rehabilitation centers have become the only relief for people battling addictions and other abuse complications. Most centers offer inpatient programs for varying degrees of dependency.

These centers have become increasingly popular in the last decade. There are practically hundreds of centers in California alone.

With so many centers available, it is important to know how to pick out the best. Below are factors to consider when choosing a rehabilitation facility.

CARF Certification

CARF (Commission on Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities) is one certification to look out for. CARF validates the standards of organizations offering human services worldwide. It has been around since 1966 and has built a solid reputation as a no-compromise organization.

Any rehab center worth its salt must have the certification.

Some abuse cases, like addiction to opioids, require a clinical supervision of the recovery process. CARF certification guarantees you of a center’s clinical capabilities. Popular centers like Ocean Hills proudly display the certification on their homepage.

Success Rates

The success rate is a measure of how effective a rehab’s programs are at treating drug-related issues. The higher the success rate, the better a center is for treating addictions.

Success rate takes into account data from patients who have completed their respective programs. It does not consider patients who drop out of treatment prematurely.

The ability to see patients through a program is, however, vital for any center. In some cases, the success rate may be very high but at the expense of a high dropout rate.

Ocean Hills Recovery has very low dropout rates. Their 73% success rate is very impressive when dropout and relapse is taken into consideration.

Comfortable Inpatient Facilities

Nothing motivates patients to escape from rehab centers faster than the feeling of imprisonment. A center for drug treatment needs to feel more like a vacation than a punishment.

Comfort increases an inpatient’s chances of staying through the whole rehabilitation program by up to 67.8%. California’s picturesque landscape is what has made her rehab Centers so popular among Americans.

A tight everyday schedule also keeps inpatients busy and less likely to quit. Take time to consider a center’s daily activities before choosing it. The schedule should be tight enough to avoid idleness without being exhausting.

Services Offered

Like any other investment you make, you want a bang for each buck. Centers differ in the number of services they offer. You want a center that will provide all drug-related treatments under one roof.

Ocean Hills Recovery, for example, offers extensive services. The versatility improves both its success rate and client satisfaction. You can get anything from detox to intervention services from the facility.

Intervention is an especially tricky part that requires the help of professionals. Ocean Hills goes as far as sending professionals to help you plan and execute an intervention.

A poorly orchestrated intervention will see the patient become defensive. Chances that a patient will enroll into a rehab center willingly drop the moment he or she is backed into a corner and becomes defensive.

Financial Flexibility

Rehab services can be quite costly. It helps if a center is flexible on payment methods. A good rehab center, for example, should allow you to verify your insurance online. This way your time and money are saved.
Ocean Hills Recovery Center, for example, accepts a wide range of insurances. They have a list of accepted insurances on their site. If at all insurance does not cover rehab costs, Ocean Hills guides clients to other financial options.

Finally, a victim of drug abuse needs a lot of support. Even as you look to help loved ones overcome addictions, remember that addiction is a disease. They are sick and need your support if they are to beat the disease. Your commitment to the treatment is as important as the patient’s commitment.


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